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Glean actionable insights to drive your business forward

Millions of global users generating data

Analyze anonymized browsing data for markets worldwide

Data tailored to fit your specific needs

Pick the dataset that best meets your needs

Interfaces tailored for each stakeholder

Whether you're an executive, a marketer, or a data scientist

Flexible pricing that makes sense

Getting started is both easy and straighforward
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Harness the Clickstream


User Behavior, Competitive Strategy, SEO and SEM, Conversion Metrics, Purchase Behavior, and more

Conduct your analysis at Internet scale

using clickstream to reach beyond your internal analytics

Understand your users beyond your sites

Well implemented analytics typically provides insight into how users behave on your web properties, but not much else. Do you know what demographics your users fall into? Or how they spend their time on the web? Do you know what your competitors are doing to gain their edge? Because clickstream answers this and a whole lot more.

Datasets include details about the actions our anonymized panel users take online. That means you'll see where they've come from, what they're doing, and where they're going. It's data you can use to understand how users behave, build better marketing campaigns, build better products, and learn about your competitors.

Conduct analysis on web users at large

Datasets for Every Industry

collected and packaged to meet your specific needs


"Web server log file" style clickstream data for our panel's online browsing activities in structured JSON


Beyond each page visited, see the secondary requests (images, JS, etc.) each loaded page drives

Get DOM content from your pages of interest. Ingest search results,
e-commerce pages, and more


Get the list of non-existent domains our massive panel of users are trying to access organically


Tailored for Every Stakeholder

Interfaces designed with your use cases in mind

Data Scientists


Analyze data on our hosted infrastructure using statistical tools like R and more.


Fully hosted cloud solution
priced per seat



Build your own reports and dashboards in the cloud by leveraging our custom BI tool.


Web based interface
priced per seat

Raw Data


Receive structured data daily for analysis using your proprietary in-house tools.


Raw data feed delivery
Priced by data volume

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